Cadillac Carburetor Rebuilding

Among the specialty services offered by CPR is our classic Cadillac carburetor rebuilding service. Your carburetor is completely disassembled and completely rebuilt. Attention is paid to the smallest detail and, when finished, your carb looks and functions as good as new.

Classic Cadillac Carburetor Rebuilding

CPR will rebuild your Cadillac’s carburetor so that it runs, and looks, like new.


The process includes (where necessary):

  • complete disassembly
  • all components thoroughly cleaned
  • Zinc and aluminum castings di-chromated (for protection)
  • linkage parts cleaned and re-plated
  • reassembly with new pumps, needles, gaskets, seats, clips, springs, screws, etc.
  • base assemblies are cleaned and refinished
  • bench adjustments made
  • new base/air cleaner gaskets

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